Eagle's Nest

Troop 95 has recognized over 100 Eagle Scouts since 1974!!! 

This is a testament to Troop 95's continued commitment to delivering a quality program for our Scouts!

The following members of our troop have been awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in Boy Scouts.  The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle".

Class of 2024

Nicholas Ables - 101st 

Eagle Board - 1/23/24

Cleaning a section of state wetlands - which used to be a former trash dump. Removal of items such as tires, rusty washers, stoves, etc. Also installed 2 life ring buoys at the edge of the pond.

Class of 2023

Clemens Robinson - 97th

Eagle Board - 3/15/23

Designed and created an outdoor community garden at Presbyterian Church in Georgetown.

Anthony Mills - 98th

Eagle Board - 4/18/23

Rebuilt the kayak rack at Camp Barnes making it more feasible to store kayaks, canoes, paddles and personal flotation devises.  Painted it the Delaware State Police ‘blue & gold’ colors.

Jaidyn Taylor - 99th

Eagle Board - 5/16/23

Refurbished the front of the Restore – Habitat for Humanity facility on Rt #9, just west of Lewes creating a more attractive ‘curb appeal’ to include 2 new benches for customers.  

Gino Tapia - 100th

Eagle Board - 10/24/23

Construction of a new 12' x 12' storage shed for the Kiwanis Club of Georgetown. This included pouring of a concrete slab. 

Class of 2022

Jaden McTeer - 92nd

Eagle Board - 1/25/22

 Collected book bags and personal toiletry items for a local teen shelter – The Seaford House. They were used by the teens (aged 12 – 18) to keep their personal items in. 

Blake Huffman - 93rd

Eagle Board - 1/25/22

Created a sensory garden & sensory boards for a local nursing home to help patients dealing with dementia.

Nathan Shine - 94th

Eagle Board - 1/25/22

Cleaned over 60 fire hydrants in Millsboro then painted them colors coordinated with the level of water pressure.

Chris Rubino - 95th 

Eagle Board - 2/22/22

Completely renovated an internal outdoor area at Sussex Central Middle & Elementary School to create an outdoor courtyard.

Dante Tapia - 96th 

Eagle Board - 7/19/22

Built an obstacle and training course for the animals at the local S.P.C.A.

Class of 2021

Aaron S. Webster - 89th 

Eagle Board - 6/1/21

Built an outdoor classroom at Delmarva Christian High School. This included building a podium, with a weather resistance sail style awning placed over the podium to provide shade, and installed a donation of 20 metal benches.

Jaxon Whittaker - 90th 

Eagle Board - 11/23/21

Little Reading Boxes – Built 6 of them and placed them around Seaford.

Giuseppe R. Tiano - 91st 

Eagle Board - 11/23/21

Created a butterfly garden at the Georgetown Playground.

Class of 2020

Nathanial Abbott - 87th 

Eagle Board - 6/20/20

Built 10 movable benches at Sussex Tech High School to be used by the Marching Band..

David Wootten - 88th 

Eagle Board - 6/20/20

Designed and built a prayer style garden with pavers at Grace U.M.C., included 2 benches and landscaped with trees & perennials.

Class of 2018

Zachary Ables - 85th 

Eagle Board - 12/18/18

Beautification of the hiking/walking path around the lake at Willow Lake Development and built 2 benches which were placed on the path.

Tyler J. Bunting - 86th 

Eagle Board - 1/16/20

Built 7 new benches and redid the fire pit at the Redden Lodge, Redden State Forest

Class of 2017

Jared A. J. Rohlfing - 78th 

Eagle Board - 3/8/17

Built 15 octagonal picnic tables for Delmarva Christian High School, to be used by the staff and students for outdoor lunches.  

Damion Mycah Sykes - 79th 

Eagle Board - 6/20/17

Offered and ran a soccer camp for children who have never played.

Garrett A. Hale - 80th 

Eagle Board - 6/20/17

Created an outdoor half mile animal exercise trail at the local animal shelter.  In addition, a bridge was built over a low area (4’ W x 8’ L) and 2 attractive birdhouses were built and installed.

Daniel R. Swain - 81st 

Eagle Board - 6/20/17

Designed, created and painted a historical mural of Georgetown on the side of a building at the Marvel Museum in Georgetown

Zachary Hultberg - 82nd 

Eagle Board - 9/19/17

Prepped the area and installed a decorative concrete trim outside of the parsonage and front of the church, along with landscaping to improve the ‘curb appeal’ of Wesley U.M.C. in Georgetown

Carson Watts - 83rd 

Eagle Board - 9/19/17

Built 2 handicap accessible flower/vegetable boxes for the residents of the Easter Seals facility.  Included repairing 4 of the existing flower beds and added 6 new beds.

Caleb Abbott - 84th 

Eagle Board - 10/17/17

Built 5 picnic tables along with a podium for Sussex Tech High School.

Class of 2016

Alex R. Holz - 76th 

Eagle Board - 10/2/16

Built a 500 square foot performing arts stage at SCHS, for use by the Performing Arts Students as well as the Band students

Morgan S. Hazel - 77th 

Eagle Board - 10/25/16

Restored and cleared the former health trail at Delaware Technical and Community College.  Improved the entrance to the trail with a new split rail fence

Class of 2015

Russell W. Frederick, Jr. - 74th 

Eagle Board - 4/25/15

Cleaned and catalogued 160 headstones in the Wesley U.M.C. cemetery.  The data was turned over to the church and Delaware Public Archives.  Also added new signage, cut down a tree and cleared underbrush

Quinn J. Baker - 75th 

Eagle Board - 6/23/15

Built a 10’ W x 18’ L shelter at the local SPCA, including 2 benches for staff.

Class of 2014

Luke A. Biller - 73th 

Eagle Board - 10/2/14

Designed and built a memorial garden in the rear of Grace U.M.C. in Milton.  The memorial garden consisted of a 160 ft paved path and 4 benches placed along the path. 

Class of 2013

Matthew A. Schneider - 68th 

Eagle Board - 5/12/13

Georgetown/Ellendale VFW Post – new deck boardwalk (40’ L x 6’W) to flag area. Added boardwalk decking around flag area (20’ L x 4’ W times for sides) and landscaping.

Malik J. White - 69th 

Eagle Board - 6/26/13

Built a Pergola style arbor (7’ H x 6’ W) at the entrance to his family / church cemetery – the Bethel AME Church, along landscaping

Troy E. Justice - 70th 

Eagle Board - 9/25/13

Created and built shelter (10’ H x 12’ L) at the local animal shelter

James M. Tober ‘JT’ - 71st 

Eagle Board - 10/20/13

Developed and implemented a Reading Program for 5 local day care centers. The program included themes, music, games and crafts at each center.

Wm. Michael Cotter - 72nd 

Eagle Board - 10/23/13

Book collection and Book sale to turn monetary proceeds over to the Millsboro Library.  A total of 4,100 books were collected.

Class of 2012

Douglas O. Myers - 61st 

Eagle Board - 5/13/12

Cleaned and catalogued 150 headstones in the St Paul’s Episcopal Cemetery, in Georgetown.  The data was given to the church and the Delaware Public Archives.  Following the completion of this project, the church announced it saved their budget $10,000.

Spencer C. Tober - 62nd 

Eagle Board - 5/13/12

Refurbished the 30 ft. dock at the Collins Pond Picnic Area with new planks, attaching new fire hose around the edge, built several picnic tables and added landscape improvements. 

Avery W. Withers - 63rd 

Eagle Board - 5/13/12

Redid 14 benches at the Marvel Museum in Georgetown.  Removed all the old rotten wooden wood, wire-brushed the metal frames, painted them with rust-oleum paint and then attached new composite Trex deck boards.

Matthew S. Oldland - 64th 

Eagle Board - 6/27/12

Removed the old playground equipment from the H.T. Ennis playground area.  Poured a concrete pad and built 4 handicap accessible picnic tables.  This area could then be used as an outdoor classroom or lunch area for staff.

Gregory P. Manhard - 65th 

Eagle Board - 8/22/12

St. Thomas More Academy changed their name to St. Thomas More Preparatory Academy. This project involved changing all the major signage in the entrance area as well other key locations in the school.

David J. Williamson - 66th 

Eagle Board - 8/22/12

Cleared debris, pruned trees and added mulch around the Masonic Franklin Lodge #12, then power-washed and painted the 500’ L x 4’ H concrete brick wall white

Travis P. Caraway - 67th 

Eagle Board - 12/19/12

Built a stair railing from the pavilion to the dock, improved the fire pit, split 2 large trees turning them into 4 benches around the fire pit, and built a rack to hold split wood for campfires at the Collins Pond Picnic Area

Class of 2011

Nathan C. Jones - 58th 

Eagle Board - 8/17/11

Improvements were made on the playground and created a field for baseball, kickball and softball at North Georgetown Elementary, painted 4 square on the parking lot surface.

Emmanuel J. Hale - 59th 

Eagle Board - 12/7/11

Power washed the sides of the Baptist Church & school in Seaford and improved the landscape around the church.  Also repainted the map of the United States in the parking lot by repainting and adding the location of the capitols.

Matthew W. Goins - 60th 

Eagle Board - 12/7/11

Built an outdoor pavilion classroom (14’ W x 27’ L x 8’ H) with a concrete floor at the State Fire School outside of Georgetown.

Class of 2010

Chandler A. Elmore - 56th 

Eagle Board - 1/27/10

Refurbished, power washed and cleaned up the H. T. Ennis outdoor greenhouse facility, including the moveable ceiling blinds on the roof, painting the concrete sides the school colors and rebuilding flower beds. 

Matthew R. Skidmore - 57th 

Eagle Board - 11/24/10

Built an outdoor pavilion classroom (24’ W x 32’ L x 10 ‘ H) with 6 picnic tables at Sussex Central High School.  This was to be used by any classes especially the science and environmental classes. 

Class of 2009

S. Patrick Marvel - 52nd 

Eagle Board - 1/14/09

Installed 670 ft white vinyl fencing at the historic Georgetown Marvel Museum.

Taylor J. Kern - 53rd 

Eagle Board - 4/8/09

Did a beautification, included planting of perennials and other plants, in the median strip around the ‘Welcome to the Town of Dagsboro’ signage.

Nicholas R. Bennett - 54th 

Eagle Board - 5/13/09

Cleaned up and improved the overall appearance of an outdoor garden and fish pond at the North Georgetown Elementary School, allowing it to be used by teachers and students.

Jeremy A. King - 55th 

Eagle Board - 9/9/09

Landscaped and improved the overall curb appeal around the Georgetown Fire Hall, including the addition of white fencing to hide outdoor equipment and cleaning 2 memorials.

Class of 2008

Brian A. Taylor - 48th 

Eagle Board - 5/28/08

Cleaned up around the Crisis House in Georgetown, rebuilt a fence, landscaped around the house and improved the overall curb appeal.

Ronald L. Tyndall, III - 49th 

Eagle Board - 7/23/08

Built a gazebo at the Children and Family First Facility in Georgetown.

Casey J. Lewis - 50th 

Eagle Board - 12/17/08

Designed and built a 175 ft. boardwalk from the outside patio of the Georgetown Easter Seals Facility to the pond. Included ADA compliant handicap accessibility, a picnic table, benches and split rail fencing along the boardwalk

Bailey J. Elmore - 51st 

Eagle Board - 12/17/08

Power washed, cleaned and painted the campground bathhouse at Cape Henlopen St Park and built a bulletin / informational board.

Class of 2007

Alexander H. Kansak, IV - 42nd 

Eagle Board - 4/26/07

Built an outdoor classroom at Long Neck Road Elementary School which included benches to seat 30 students, front table for the teacher and a blackboard.

Josh W. King - 43th 

Eagle Board - 7/27/07

Installed a ½ mile exercise/fitness health course around Greenwood Elementary School.

Cory W. Matz - 44th 

Eagle Board - 9/7/07

Provided a youth fishing program for the local community and any campers. This included all fishing equipment and prizes for the largest fish caught and more. 

Robert M. Davidson, III - 45th 

Eagle Board - 11/29/07

Refurbished the gazebo at the Harbeson Church cemetery and painted the 185 ft. brick wall around the cemetery.

Kirby Q. Mills - 46th 

Eagle Board - 12/6/07

Collected baseball equipment and uniforms, cleaned, repaired, refurbished all items and shipped them to the Dominican Republic, thus allowing the children in those communities to have enough equipment & uniforms to have 2 – 3 teams.

Jed A. West - 47th 

Eagle Board - 12/6/07

Created a butterfly garden at Ingram’s Pond and landscaped the area around the fish pond

Class of 2006

Devin T. George - 39th 

Eagle Board - 3/22/06

Designed and built a training & competition course for use by the ROTC Program at Sussex Central High School.

Cody N. Pepper - 40th 

Eagle Board - 7/27/06

Created a 5K cross country course at the Ingram’s Pond property, just outside of Millsboro.

Zachary A. Bister - 41st 

Eagle Board - 7/27/06

Removed 150-170 obsolete wood duck boxes at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge and replaced them with 15 newly built wood duck boxes in the public use area.  

Class of 2005

Lance G. Hickman - 35th 

Eagle Board - 3/30/05

Created an outdoor classroom (size 35’ x 40’) at Ingram’s Pond (part of the Indian River School District) outside of Millsboro which included building 5 benches

Andrew S. Martin - 36th 

Eagle Board - 3/30/05

Cleaned up and landscaped around Wesley United Methodist Church and the parsonage. Planting bushes and perennials to improve the overall welcoming appearance of the church.

Michael P. Goins - 37th 

Eagle Board - 8/31/05

Completely refurbished the Georgetown Fire Department’s ‘Fire Safety House,' which was used by elementary schools.

Benjamin D. Kern - 38th 

Eagle Board - 8/31/05

Installed an irrigation system (Rain Bird) on the major league field at the Lower Sussex Little League Complex at Roxana, DE.

Class of 2003

Eric W. Henderson - 33rd 

Eagle Board - 1/28/03

Designed and built a small amphitheater with a semi-circle of benches, including a fire ring at Trap Pond State Park.

Aaron R. Serman - 34th 

Eagle Board - 4/23/03

Created an outdoor patio in the Parsonage Yard at Wesley United Methodist Church in Georgetown, DE. Included a paved walkway, wooden swing and picnic table.

Class of 2002

Clayton T. Serman - 27th 

Eagle Board - 1/30/02

Built 4 wildlife identification/informational kiosks style billboards.  One was placed at Strawberry Landing off of Assawoman Bay, one at Cupola Park in Millsboro, Millsboro Pond and Ingram’s Pond for the outdoor wildlife classroom. 

Wyatt S. Hall - 28th 

Eagle Board - 3/24/02

Built an outdoor classroom at Selbyville Middle School.

Brian J. King - 29th 

Eagle Board - 4/24/02

Cleaned and painted 34 fire hydrants at the Georgetown Industrial Park.  The fire hydrants were flowed, pressure identification done, wire-brushed and then painted the regulation colors (based on the water pressure in each hydrant).

David Wm. Mears - 30th 

Eagle Board - 5/29/02

Cleaned up a small veterans cemetery outside of Milford, DE, repairing several headstones and installed a fence around the cemetery.

Jacob ‘Jake’ A. Mills - 31st 

Eagle Board - 8/14/02

Completely refurbished and repaired several sets of wooden bleachers at the Georgetown Little League Park at the Senior League field.

Luke A. Sizemore - 32nd 

Eagle Board - 8/28/02

Built 2 dugouts at the Georgetown Middle School in Millsboro for their baseball field.

Class of 2001

Jason H. Deibel - 24th 

Eagle Board - 8/29/02

Built a playground at the Greenwood Little League Park.  This included a large crawl through pipe, a small house to play in, sandbox, monkey bars and much more

David T. Simmons - 25th 

Eagle Board - 10/24/01

Cleaned, plotted and cataloged over 300 headstones (dated 1700s – 1900s) at the Ocean View Presbyterian Church, in Ocean View, DE.  This cataloged data was turned over the church for their records as well as the Delaware Public Archives. 

David R. Pepper, III - 26th 

Eagle Board - 10/24/01

Built a nature/health/fitness trail behind the North Georgetown Elementary School.

Class of 2000

Trevor L. Rathfon - 22nd 

Eagle Board - 3/29/00

Cleaned up and renovated the interior court yard at the old Sussex Central High School (current Middle School) in Georgetown.  Included removing ‘junk’, trimming trees, planting flowers and adding a picnic table.  Plus replacing a granite stone and planting a Chinese Maple tree in memory of a student killed by a drunk driver. 

Charles ‘Chip’ L. Graves, III - 23rd 

Eagle Board - 6/28/00

Landscaped the main entrance to the Stockley Center as well as several other areas in the resident housing areas.

Class of 1999

N. Andrew Rossiter - 19th 

Eagle Board - 1/27/99

Built several park style benches with concrete sides for the baseball fields in Milford, DE

Wm. John Gordy - 20th 

Eagle Board - 3/31/99

Provided a FREE Easter meal for around 100 local homeless as well as others in need from the Georgetown area.  Included was an Easter Egg hunt for the children & a visit from the Easter Bunny.

John ‘Jack’ B. Roach, III - 21st 

Eagle Board - 10/18/99

Built 5 concrete style park benches and placed them at various locations at the Stockley Center (a resident facility for mentally and physically challenged folks).

Class of 1998

Andrew B. Jones - 17th 

Eagle Board - 4/21/98

Developed a reading program for several local day care centers.  The program, completed over the summer, also included different themes, stories, music presented, etc.

Jeffrey R. Orendorf - 18th 

Eagle Board - 12/9/98

Designed and built 100 attractive basket door hangers for all the residents at the Millsboro Nursing Home.

Class of 1997

Ronald N. Lewis, Jr. - 13th 

Eagle Board - 5/28/97

Built 8 park style benches, with concrete sides, which were placed around the Circle in Georgetown – 2 benches at each spoke of the circle.

William R. Hall, III - 14th 

Eagle Board - 8/20/97

Created an outdoor Classroom at Selbyville Middle School.

Jared C. King - 15th 

Eagle Board - 9/24/97

Following a devastating winter storm, cleared a health trail, approximately 1 mile long, at Delaware Technical and Community College.

Thomas R. DeCarlo - 16th 

Eagle Board - 11/18/97

Created a hiking trail (approx. 1 ½ miles long) at Redden State Forest by clearing trees, underbrush, greenbrier and much more plus built a bridge over a low, wet area.

Class of 1996

Richard S. Bryant - 12th 

Eagle Board - 12/18/96

Following a devastating winter storm, cleared 2 areas at Redden State Forest to create 2 campsites and built 2 fire pits with cinder blocks. 

Class of 1993

James ‘Hud’ Athey - 11th 

Eagle Board - 4/29/93

Painted parking lines in the parking lot of the Georgetown Presbyterian Church & installed curb stops (or parking blocks) in the same lot.

Class of 1988

Richard Newell - 9th 

Eagle Board - 8/24/88

Repaired multiple areas of the facility at Wesley United Methodist Church such as broken doors, windows, etc.

Bart Sponseller - 10th 

Eagle Board - 9/21/88

Cleared an empty lot in Georgetown and added a gazebo for folks to enjoy plus improved the surrounding landscaping

Class of 1987

John M. McCarty, III - 7th 

Eagle Board - 11/17/87

Taught a 5th grade class of mentally and physically challenged students @ H.T. Ennis First Aid and importance of 911.  Then organized friends to assist with a Special Olympics event.

Robert H. Robinson - 8th 

Eagle Board - 11/17/87

Organized a ‘Pet Therapy’ Program taking dogs from the local animal shelter to local nursing homes over the summer to assist those residents with therapy from the dogs.

Class of 1984

Thomas McDougall, Jr. - 6th 

Eagle Board - 10/6/84

Cleared the canoe trail at Trap Pond, making it passable. Cleared the Nature Trail and added 5 signs marking the dog training area.

Class of 1983

Brett Sponseller - 5th 

Eagle Board - 12/17/83

Installed wood duck boxes at Trap Pond and cleared multiple trails.

Class of 1979

David Veasey - 3rd 

Eagle Board - 4/1/79

Mark Houston - 4th 

Eagle Board - 6/10/79

Beautification of the sanctuary at Wesley U.M.C., which included polishing the wooden interior walls, cleaning the church for several weeks and after special events, thus saving the church money to hire someone.

Class of 1974

Arthur Smith - 1st 

Eagle Board - 5/30/74

Cleaned the outside of the old historical Courthouse in Georgetown. A new sign, which included the history of the Courthouse, was painted and installed

Thomas Veasey - 2nd 

Eagle Board - 12/12/74

Painted the bleachers in the gymnasium of the former Sussex Central High School (currently the Georgetown Middle School).

Requirements to earn the rank of Eagle Scout include, earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit through the Boy Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes the accomplishments of the Scout. Additional recognition can be earned through Eagle Palms, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements.